Guest Bloggers and Additional Authors

Do You Have a Story You Would like to Share? I Am Accepting Guest Posts!

I am looking for guest bloggers/guest posters and additional authors to add to this site. Your story doesn’t have to be anywhere near similar to mine, I am looking for a variety of story types. I do want to stay on topic so I’m looking for people who can write about mental health, addiction, chronic illness, eating disorders, trauma, etc. anything that could fall under the “it affects my mind” category. I’m also really interested in getting some friends or partners of people who struggle with these issues to talk about how it has affected them or how they view it from the outside. The more variety the better, so I’m looking for people from all walks of life; all ages, all ethnicities, and located anywhere in the world. I do ask that your post is in English, but if you want to write in your native language and also provide an English translation that’s great too! Very few topics are off-limits here so feel free to be as open as possible, your honesty is what really helps people. You are welcome to use a “pen name” if you wish and I will never share or store your real name on the site, I respect your privacy.

If you feel like your story may not fall under our categories but would still be appropriate for the site feel free to reach out.

To inquire about being a writer email:

Additional Authors

I’d love for some regular to semi-regular writers for the site! Contact me giving me an idea of what you wish to write about. It can be a number of different things, the more the better, and you don’t have to list them all, but just give me a general idea of who you are and what your story is. If you wish to be an additional author I’d ask that you plan to make a fair number of posts. If you only want to share a couple of stories look into being a guest blogger.

Additional authors will get to keep author permissions and post whenever they feel like as well as get a special URL for their contributions to the website so they can share just their posts if they wish. Your URL will look like[your names-blog] much like how my blog URL to view just my posts looks like this you will also have your blog link listed in the sidebar/menu, an author page, and you can also get a snazzy [yourname] email address so people can contact you without having to give out personal emails.

How to post and categorize will be explained to you when you contact me.

Guest Bloggers / Guest Posters

Just have one or two stories you would like to share? Ask to be a guest blogger! For guest posters, you can either send your story in to be posted anonymously (if you really want to be secretive, make a burner email) or with a signature of the name you choose to go by. For fully anonymous posts, I would like to know an age, gender, and general location (can be as vague as “USA”) but you do not have to provide any other information if you do not wish.

If you don’t want to go totally anonymous email me and tell me what your topic is and roughly what you’ll be writing about, if it’s a good fit for the site I will give you temporary author privileges under your chosen name, choosing this route is great if you may later want to become an additional author. How to post and categorize will be explained to you when you contact me.


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