Trying to Get Creative Again: The Screenshot and Label Maker Challenge

It has been such a long time that I felt like I could be creative, of course, I have to be creative for work, but I haven’t felt any spark to do something for myself in a long time. Using drugs for so many years I was so dulled down and sedated that I didn’t care to be creative anymore, my passion completely died, and I just filled the void in my personality with more drugs. Last night I just had this silly idea pop into my head, to do an art challenge. I thought about it for a minute and thought “oh let’s try to make art out of screenshots!” and then I remembered that I had recently found my old label maker in my parents’ basement, and thus this silly idea was born.

Here’s what the challenge was:

  • You have 3 hours from the 1st screenshot to printing
  • You must make 5 images
  • No screenshots of full pictures
  • All screenshots used must be taken during this challenge
  • You may edit the pictures however you like, but you can not add text, drawings, or elements that are not screenshots
  • The titles/labels must be short and describe the image, but it’s art, so it only has to make sense to you

These little images are simplistic expressions of how I have been feeling and thinking lately.

So here they are, please keep in mind I’m not trying to pass these off as “good” I’m just sharing one of my first artistic expressions in years. Also, please keep in mind that I’m working with dollar tree photo paper and a crappy scanner.


A Modern Identity

Is all my identity just a bunch of code? Am I a person? Will any of this shit I throw on the internet matter in 5 years? Is human contact dead? Do we have identities outside of what you portray online?


I’m Still Scared

Dopamine Darling Screenshot Challenge IM STILL SCARED

This is multiple screenshots of google maps of places that I’m still scared to go to for various reasons layered over one another.


Reformat Me

Dopamine Darling Screenshot Challenge REFORMAT ME

I’m a nightmare; I think there’s a glitch, can you reformat me?


Solace Sedation Source

I don’t want to relapse, but I find solace in the fact that it would be so easy for me to do it. It’s a fucked up way of thinking, but I feel like there’s an “escape” button due to some sources, places I could get things to sedate me once again. Also, if you don’t “get” the screenshots, good; I’m also not explaining them to you here, I will privately.


Documentation Dissociation

Document everything, because you’re never going to remember it. Files upon files of memories that are nothing but darkness in my mind. Sometimes I document things, other times I’m disconnected from reality.


And that’s it, it felt good to do something again, even if it was stupid and not amazing. Hopefully, I’ll be making some real art for myself again soon.

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