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Hi, I’m Darling! I run and created this site Dopamine Darling as a place to share my life and story with others and also give people a place to share their story. You can read the journey of why I created this blog here.

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Now, who am I? I’m a 25-year-old living in the Boston, MA area who works in arts & entertainment. I love music, especially live music, I could live at concerts and I collect vinyl records. I love to dance, I used to be a competitive dancer, but now I just do it for fun. I’ve got a passion for fashion and design, and an obsession with colors and color pallets. I love to travel when I can and can’t wait to visit more countries in the future.

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Now that you know some of the many positive things about me, let’s talk about the less fun things I deal with. On this blog, I talk a lot about my problem with multi-drug addiction and alcoholism. I also struggle with mental health issues like Major Depressive Disorder, C-PTSD, OCD, Anxiety Disorders, Anorexia Nervosa, and more (yay!) I’m also neurodivergent and was one of the first and youngest girls to be diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome under the DSM. I guess you could say I’m an early adopter of a developmental disorder, do I get a prize? Women with Asperger’s don’t usually fit the stereotype of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders; I’m creative, I love art, I love fashion and dressing eccentrically, and I do really like to be social. On top of all that I have major issues with trauma, isolation, chronic illness, and chronic pain.

Despite all that I was able to build a life for myself and now am self-employed running my own business. I live in a lovely townhouse, I’m engaged to a wonderful and patient man (with a British accent!) So overall I’d say I’m doing pretty well for a 25-year-old. My day to day life looks nothing like the average person, but I don’t want it to, sure some of the accommodations I have to make for myself are a pain, but overall I love what I’ve built for myself.

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I hope this blog can give you a better understanding of some of the issues I face or make you feel less alone if you’re fighting a similar battle.

Also please note that I am in no way a writer, and I’m not claiming to be one. I was actually diagnosed with dysgraphia which is a “deficiency in the ability to write” and I dropped out of high school. So don’t expect published author quality from me, just expect real and raw emotions and truth expressed in the best way a person with dysgraphia and Asperger’s can.

Hope you enjoy reading!

With love,

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