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Dopamine Darling Lush Rehab

Appropriately Named Lush Shampoo

My favorite curly haired Brit came to visit me fresh out of rehab and we went to Lush and found an appropriately named shampoo 😂 I also got section 1 tickets to The 1975 this morning (and bought Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness tickets while in rehab) so I’m a happy fangirl today ☺️❤️

Dopamine Darling Rehab Glow

The Rehab Glow?

Everyone told me my eyes looked really pretty today so here’s a classic bathroom selfie…. also this is the part where you tell me how alive and glowing I am after a couple weeks of rehab 😉 Guess I’ll also take this time to give an update, I’m leaving rehab […]Read more »